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Qantas Learning Hub is more than about support - it's about inspiring you with ideas for selling our products and services. This way, we'll help build your skills as a travel consultant for both your corporate and leisure customers.

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Welcome to the Qantas Learning Hub

Hello and welcome to the Qantas Learning Hub. We are excited to be sharing with you a new way of engaging with Qantas. The Qantas Learning Hub is an interactive digital platform available 24/7 on any device. It has been specifically designed as a support tool for you, with short learning bites in many different styles.

Here you will find support and ideas for selling our products and services, helping you further enhance your capabilities as a travel consultant for both corporate and leisure customers.

In a world where the customer has access to extensive travel knowledge and services at their fingertips, it is more important than ever that your knowledge of Qantas allows you to communicate with confidence, knowing you have a point of difference in delivering exceptional customer service, making Qantas an easy choice to sell.

Joining the Learning Hub will see you connect with us, allowing us to support you in building customer relationships and growing your business.

We hope you enjoy our learning platform.

Having worked in a travel agency for the last five years, I am in a unique position to provide insight into the effective development of your product knowledge and sales skills. My aim is to make selling Qantas easy with the ultimate goal to increase your sales and help build a loyal client base for both you and Qantas.

I started my career at the Qantas Industry Centre 14 years ago. Here I worked across airfares, policies and procedures, and servicing our agency partners. Having joined the Learning and Development team, I'm now focused on helping people like you get ahead in the travel industry.

I've been working at Qantas for over 25 years. Drawing on my background in sales and strong learning and development skills, I've created a range of innovative and meaningful learning bites - all designed to make your experience with Qantas easy, enjoyable and profitable.

With over 7 years’ experience in delivering creative and effective learning experiences, I’m passionate about developing high impact learning to empower you with the skillset you need to build your business and drive sales.

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Introducing the new Qantas Learning Hub. Here you'll find a range of short learning bites designed to make selling Qantas an easy and enjoyable experience.

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We offer more than 150 innovative learning bites. So when it comes to selling Qantas and boosting your revenue, you'll have all the knowledge and skills you need.

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From the latest industry information, to handy tips and tools, we've covered everything. And the best part is, you can access it all from any device, anywhere you are.

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